Providing Everything You Need

Solar Plant

Source CleanTech helps make your journey towards adopting solar energy easy and simple. We ensure transparency of information and a hassle-free experience from pre-sale to post- installation.

We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality solar installations for our customers. We have helped homeowners across the nation harness solar energy and save big on electricity bills every month. Our customers have experienced up to 90% reduction in their electricity bills after solar system installations.

We are empanelled in several states, and can offer subsidies that reduce upfront cost of a system by 20-40%. To improve affordability for our residential customers further, we have introduced solar loans. Financing the purchase of your solar system through our lending partners means fast approvals and higher savings.

Electrical Substation Testing and Servicing

Source Cleantech specializes in providing services for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of substations and transmission lines. Offers innovative models for O&M as per the client’s requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions for all O&M activities, including testing and condition monitoring of installations. The electrical installation is entirely managed / operated 24x7 by us, where we provide all necessary resources like skilled / unskilled manpower for operations, tools and tackles, technical support, instruments for testing, staff for housekeeping, security, additional manpower & tools in case of emergency.