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Green Term Ahead Markets (GTAM) to launch tomorrow

#Green Term Ahead Markets including Intraday, Day Ahead, Daily and Weekly Contracts have been approved by #CERC to cement the pot-holes in Inter-state renewable transactions. This will improve the #RPO stats of all Indian States, encouraging #renewableenergy developers.

The following graph shows #RPO targets of various Indian states for various years.


No more than 60% of the renewable energy targets have been achieved by all states combined in any of the give years before the current year and it wouldn't be possible without any market revolutions, this is so because the rate of increase in targets is way higher than the rate of achievement, which is a general industry practice.

However, G-TAM looks promising, here's why:

All states have various potentials of various resources and various Load centers

Following is the estimated potential of various states:

It is clear from above presentation that there are potential renewable energy hubs in India and are very likely to be exploited in the future as we are aiming to achieve ~430GW of renewable energy by 2030. With current bundled power RTC contracts a lot of resources will be coupled in the future, eliminating need of thermal coal and gas plants.

Heavy Load centers are as follows:

Enabling such transactions by exchanges will improve the status of renewable energy in India and boost the confidence if the developers.

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