Energy Efficiency and Audit Solutions 

What is energy audit?

Energy audit is a process adopted to look into your energy systems with an objective to ensure that your systems have no undesired energy losses that you might not know of.

The process we follow include the following steps:

  • Preliminary walk-through: We survey your staff to know about your energy systems. We look at your process flow diagrams and the energy hot-spots. Then we go through the energy system readings ( if already available).

  • Secondary audit: This involves us surveying your systems. We then setup our systems to analyze the energy flow. We train your staff to take the readings of the energy flows. Then we finally analyze it and submit a report to the designated energy manages in your team.

  • Tertiary audit: The third step is more of an advisory piece than just an audit report. We let you know how can you optimize your systems.  


How can we help?

Energy audit solutions help achieve an energy sustainable business.

We provide you certified energy audit professionals to help achieve sustainability goals for your facilities and buildings.